A cabinet door a day?

I don’t think that is the saying but it’s what’s happening.



A few more were installed on Monday and then a couple more today.



At least the stove isn’t in the middle of the dining room anymore….


Dishwasher coming soon. There are a few more doors waiting in the wings, i.e., the pantry.


And because things are going so smoothly right now, (insert a big ole tub of sarcasm), I found dings on both sides of the fridge where the plumbers effed up while attempting to put it in place. And I say attempting because I seems that once they realized it wasn’t going to be as simple as sliding it in without doing any work. Adjusting the feet was just too much. They left it half in and half out of the space.

It was exactly what I wanted to find Monday morning after a late night bus ride home from my work trip to NYC.

However, looking on the bright side, Bill’s assistant guy that installs the cabinet doors and drawers was there when I found it and he nonchalantly said, “it happens all the time, we’ll touch it up.”


GRRR!!! But thank you.

Quiz time! My house or MOMA?


Ding, Ding, Ding! MOMA!


It’s uncanny right?? :)  It is a work called Bingo by Gordon Matta-Clark from 1974. He cut a house in Niagara Falls, NY in half and filmed the entire process. It took him and his team ten days to “unbuild the house.” I popped into MOMA after putting “the ladies” in a cab to the airport on Saturday.



I was visiting with a small group of members, “the ladies” and the Chrysler’s Chief Curator, Jeff Harrison.


Here is Jeff geeking out over the Chrysler’s Kehinde Wiley on view in the Brooklyn Museum.


More Kehinde.



Some from the Armory Show. The top image is marble! It was one of my favorite things. And we saw a lot.

Three of the four ladies on the trip were 85+. PLUS! Since I’ve always been a grandma, I loved it.



I think my hands might start to look like this after I finish caulking all the new baseboards.  That’s what I’ve been working on this week.


But that is the boring stuff so let’s end on a high note and look again at my pretty bathrooms.



And a photo booth pic from Hillary and Ryan’s wedding.


Happy almost weekend! Now, who wants to come help me caulk?

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