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Photo DUMP

The guys worked in their socks to protect my pretty, new floors. I’m really loving my closet doors. Thanks Country Boy! There is a washer and a dryer behind those bifold doors!!!!! The bathroom tile and the trim painting is in process now. That’ll be the next update. Leveling out the second floor porch floor. Read More

Does one really need walls?

I thought by not doing too much to modify the existing floor plan most of the walls would be left intact. A closet here, a closet there but then there were NO WALLS! We are starting (mostly) fresh. Remember again, that I thought I was going to tackle this myself? LOLOLOLOL! As someone who cares Read More

Creating Rubble: Filling a Dumpster

We are cruising right along and the framing is starting to take shape for the floor plan changes. But before I show you that, check out all the demo! I thought I was going to do this myself. Ha! Maybe if I had a crew and it was my full time job. These guys are Read More


After being told, “I’m going to send some guys over to do some assessing” imagine my surprise when I walked into this: No cabinets over the window! What the what?!? The future hall bath and bedroom closet torn to shreds. A little bit more than assessing…. It was barely noon! They hadn’t tackled the bathroom Read More

Tired of the Paneling? Me too.

The first thing I/we did was pull a few sheets of the paneling down. When I was interviewing contractors (more on that later) a few plaster repair guys came over to assess the situation. After checking a few random walls, it was determined they weren’t in terrible shape. Once I closed on the house, I Read More

House Tour: The Second Floor.

And now, the upstairs. This is the interior of the back bedroom closet/bathroom linen closet. Don’t you think I’ve found a gem :) Look at those layers. In the pic below, Momma Fro (while standing in the door jam of the back left bedroom) is saying something very animated to Ben. ┬áNeed a real estate Read More