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Here’s to a Happy New Year!

Don’t worry the house didn’t burn down. New Year|New Posts. 2015 was a whirlwind. There are still so, so, so many projects around the Centennial Gent that need to be finished but it was wonderful to entertain friends and family in my new home over the holidays. I barely took any photos and sadly, the_franklin_frost Read More

Where to begin?

With a picture of my bathroom vanity! It’s been too long and all you really want to see are pictures right? Mirror and non-placeholder sconces coming soon. I think I’ve finally pulled the last effing screw/nail/tack/pin out of the trim. But I probably just jinxed myself and will find at least one more. The previous Read More

Oh the layers!

There haven’t been many grand changes around the Centennial Gent the past few weeks. Mostly because it has now come down to me to finish all the painting and to make my final decisions. Countertops? Check. Vanity tops? Check. Dishwasher? Check! Painting? Ehhh….. Why in the world are dishwasher’s so expensive? $900 is insanity. But Lowe’s Read More

A cabinet door a day?

I don’t think that is the saying but it’s what’s happening. A few more were installed on Monday and then a couple more today. At least the stove isn’t in the middle of the dining room anymore…. Dishwasher coming soon. There are a few more doors waiting in the wings, i.e., the pantry. And because Read More

Photo DUMP

The guys worked in their socks to protect my pretty, new floors. I’m really loving my closet doors. Thanks Country Boy! There is a washer and a dryer behind those bifold doors!!!!! The bathroom tile and the trim painting is in process now. That’ll be the next update. Leveling out the second floor porch floor. Read More

When will the dust end?

I’m the worst. I started this post almost A MONTH AGO! The title isn’t applicable anymore because the first coat of polyurethane was applied to the floors TODAY and there can’t be any dust for the poly(!!!!!). There were a few dark, cold days in the beginning half of the month. But then we got Read More

New Year, New Post

This post is dedicated to my sweet friend Lauren. Please don’t mail me a box of poop.   This isn’t going to be one of those gushy, new year, new resolutions, or end of year recap, so much to be thankful for, posts.  I’ve tons to be thankful for and you’re reading about a lot Read More

The Great Debate

The windows were one of the first items/topics that I began researching when I decided to undertake this project. The cost to replace them was factored into my budget as a given. But I wasn’t so sure. However, I thought better to have the money there if I decided to go through with it than Read More

Putting it back together

Did I promise you framing in the last post?  I changed my mind.  I think I’ll go with a total open concept house. What do you think? I seriously considered it for about 3 minutes. But then thought better. And just so you know, I never said it out loud.  That makes the crazy less Read More

Does one really need walls?

I thought by not doing too much to modify the existing floor plan most of the walls would be left intact. A closet here, a closet there but then there were NO WALLS! We are starting (mostly) fresh. Remember again, that I thought I was going to tackle this myself? LOLOLOLOL! As someone who cares Read More

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