Creating Rubble: Filling a Dumpster

We are cruising right along and the framing is starting to take shape for the floor plan changes. But before I show you that, check out all the demo!

I thought I was going to do this myself. Ha! Maybe if I had a crew and it was my full time job. These guys are really hard workers.

Upstairs bathroom before:






The whole house was shaking as they busted up the walls.


The tub of contention. Scott, my contractor wants it gone. I think it has character. Decisions, decisions.

The kitchen received a similar treatment. This wall is going to look very different soon.


After much debate (with my mother) on open vs. closed kitchens, and the discussion of people being over the open-concept floor plan, I said hell with it. I want it open. This is going to be a small kitchen and I understand I’m going to loose the wall for upper cabinets but there will be plenty of storage along the other wall. Welcome to the inside of my head.


This is where the stove was. And on the other side, the shower.


Not anymore!

The pink rooms on the front of the second floor aren’t changing much. This room has become the door and trim holding area.



The “closet” in this room is going to be removed and the entire space is going to become the adjacent pink bedroom’s closet. You can’t hang a thing on that closet rod without it sticking into the room.  And since the closet was added, you’d think they might have made it a tiny bit deeper.  Oh the fun of thinking about the previous owner’s process and the challenges that come with old homes. I LOVE IT.



The poor third floor will get a facelift too. But first, the floor is being, somewhat, carefully removed so that the entire house can be rewired. The hvac is also going to go up here for the second and third floor.


The boards will eventually go back down but not before Melanie retrieves the beer stein that is under there.


I’ll leave you with a picture of this pretty weed that is growing all over the yard.  Anyone know the name?


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