After being told, “I’m going to send some guys over to do some assessing” imagine my surprise when I walked into this:




No cabinets over the window!


What the what?!? The future hall bath and bedroom closet torn to shreds.

A little bit more than assessing…. It was barely noon!


They hadn’t tackled the bathroom yet. But see the crowbar, they were about to.

I’ve been seriously debating this space too. Should the tub stay or go? A sleek and modern shower could be really nice and make the space look bigger. But I also love a good soak in the tub. My contractor, Scott, is giving me a real hard time about this decision. Once the vanity and toilet are out, I hope I’ll have a better sense of the space. I don’t want it to feel too tight.


Don’t worry.  This room is still scary.  I can’t wait until all the windows are exposed.  Windows should really be in quotes.  This original open air porch (I really wish I could find a historical image of the house) was enclosed at some point with the sashes of double hung windows. The individual sashes were turned on their sides and make shift tracks were made out of moldings.  The “track” kept the windows in place while they were slid back and forth.  Why not? What this design did not do was keep the moisture out. I snapped a pic and got out quick!

The plan here is to put in replacement slider windows that have the divided lights to mimic the current set up.  Sorry I don’t have a detailed picture, saving my lungs.  Once the board is down, I’ll get a close up of windows and also the Z104 stickers. I bet those will be collectible one day :)

The destruction is almost complete. These guys work fast.  I’ll post a few more progress shots this week.

And then the rebuilding will begin!

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