Does one really need walls?

I thought by not doing too much to modify the existing floor plan most of the walls would be left intact. A closet here, a closet there but then there were NO WALLS! We are starting (mostly) fresh.


Remember again, that I thought I was going to tackle this myself? LOLOLOLOL!



As someone who cares deeply about preservation, you won’t hear me say this often but in this case, fresh is best. Especially since some of the walls don’t seem to be doing too much work…


Your days are numbered wall.


This probably happened when the previous owner “opened up” the kitchen by putting in that arch. Think it will pass inspection? J/K! FRESH.

Buuuut since the guys are still humoring me, a few of these pieces were saved. I’m not sure what for yet, but something will come up. The bark is awesome. Any ideas?



No more make shift, too narrow, closet.  Now this entire room will be closet. I don’t think with all the closets combined IN MY LIFE, I’ve had this much closet.


Lest we forget (0r you don’t follow me on Instagram, @Meg_Fro) one Frost is doing manual labor. Papa Fro loves a scrap yard.


This is a truck bed full of cash. (I did help.)

Anything not scrapable or salvageable is going in here.  I think we might need another one soon.


Framing is up next. Promise.

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