House Tour: The Second Floor.

And now, the upstairs.


This is the interior of the back bedroom closet/bathroom linen closet. Don’t you think I’ve found a gem :) Look at those layers.

In the pic below, Momma Fro (while standing in the door jam of the back left bedroom) is saying something very animated to Ben.  Need a real estate agent? Ben Lebrun is your man. See that bow tie? He saved this deal for me. Not kidding.


Ben is standing in front of the hall closet that is at the top of the stairs.  Who knows when, but it was added at some point. Even though it isn’t original, I’m going to keep part of it. It is the future home of the SECOND, second floor bathroom toilet! Woohoo!!

The back half of that room at the top of the steps, (where Momma Fro is questioning my sense) is going to be the walk in closet for the second bedroom.


Check out that PANELING! I wasn’t kidding about it being in every. single. room.

In the picture below, even though this looks like pink paint, don’t be fooled, paneling! This lovely room will be the second bedroom upstairs. It is good sized and as mentioned above, will have its own walk-in closet.


Right now, this is the bathroom for the second floor.


I love the classic black and white tiles in the upstairs bathroom but want to give it an update. What might be under that terrible linoleum floor? There are some doors from…the closet?…in front of the window.  There is great light in the room but it is still small.  I’ve got to figure out a new layout to make it feel a bit more spacious since it is going to become the “master” bathroom. The hall closet, right outside the bathroom door, also might make an excellent place for a stackable washer and dryer. I originally thought, no big deal to have the W&D in the basement, but I when you’re re-doing everything, might as well get as much out of the basement as you can. Since, you know, Global Warming and all.


More pink! The front of the house is going to become the “master suite.”


The door leads to an original, second floor, porch that was closed in. It will become an office/sitting area for the master bedroom.


You guessed it. More paneling. This room not only has faux wood paneling but also auto upholstery fabric. It has a nice padded cell/fight club vibe. This is the only room that really gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m not sure the windows that were added, to close in this porch, have ever had a proper weather seal. The windows go all the way around. I’ve been driving around Ghent, Colonial Place and Park Place craning my neck out the window looking at other sleeping porch enclosures.  I’m still trying to figure out the replacement window options for this room.



This green room, WITH MORE PANELING, is going to be the master bedroom closet.  I tried to figure out a bathroom/closet scenario for this room, but why not have an amazing walk in closet.  Who expects that in a hundred year old house? The door to the porch will be closed up and you’ll enter this room directly through a pocket door in the bedroom. The door in from the hallway will also be closed up.

There is great light in this room too.  Check out that window.


Maybe new blinds?

This concludes the paneling tour. More pictures soon. Things are starting to pick up on the first floor. And I have to show you the yard. Swoon. I’m already planning my vegetable garden and shade beds.

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