It’s pretty but it’s getting in the way.


It feels like things have come to a screeching halt. Week before last I rushed around buying tile only to have the tile guys not show up for two days. Then last week, they were pulled a day to go to another job. So my shower has been very slow going. Granted, they are also installing individual, 3×6 subway tiles, floor to ceiling.




Don’t be mad Frank. I’ve got to show off your work. It looks SO GOOD!


I was concerned about the variations in the tiles but over all, I’m really pleased. I did have to point out a section that was heavy with dark tiles (you can see it in the pics above) but Frank pulled a few and replaced them. It looks much better. The best part, I found this tile at Lowe’s and it was cheap! I went to a few of the fancy tile stores in the area but this was exactly what I wanted. And again I was able to use my dad’s military career to get 10% off.

We did have to rethink the threshold and the top of the knee wall. I had hoped that the prefab threshold pieces I bought at Lowe’s would work but they were too narrow. We (Frank and I) then planned on using the tile but Scott said that was no good. Luckily, Cat, who is helping me with my countertops had a marble remnant that was large enough for the shower and also the knee wall ledge in the other bath. It is what I had envisioned originally but whew it was way more expensive than the precut pieces. Good thing those tiles were affordable :) However, the remnant pieces were supposed to be done Monday at 2. What day is it?? Stupid snow.

Meanwhile at the Chrysler….


You’d think that since all we are doing is playing games at the Museum, I’d be able to get more house things done :)


Not quite. We had over 1,400 people come to the opening party for The Art of Video Games Friday night. It felt like Homer and I talked to over 1,000 members. That’s enough of an excuse for me locking myself out of my apt. Saturday, right??

It was terrible. I rushed out Saturday morning to meet a future roommate and accidentally locked myself out and my phone in. The worst part was that it meant that I wasn’t able to take photos of my kitchen counter slab, the vanity remnants or the Toast opening party.


Here is the view from Monday. Things were starting to get a little messy. (This does not include the mess that the plasterers left from their crappy patch jobs earlier in the week. GRRRRR! They have to come back yet again. I really can’t wait to be done with them.) I used the Day of some of our Presidents to clean up a bit and putz around.


DISCLAIMER: THOSE SCONCES ARE ONLY TEMPORARY. They are $6 placeholders. I really didn’t think the globe came with it. I should have been stripping paint and prepping the trim but look at all those boxes that needed breaking down.  Much easier and very satisfying.

That just meant that I had to do it on my snow day. I packed up Lady and Handsome and we went over to the house to work.


They didn’t love it. But I didn’t love the idea of putting them in the garage (17 degrees!) or keeping them in their crate all day.


The blistering was also very satisfying. But there is sooooooo much left to do.

Anyone want to help? I’ll be there all weekend.

Text me. I’ll have my phone.


Maybe the biggest success?


Finally taking down the old, nasty smoke detector.

Fingers crossed, I’ll only say this a few more times, We’re getting there.

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