Meet my Centennial Gent


Want a tour? Ignore the sign, you can come in.



Let’s start on the first floor. First impression: the brand new wall to wall carpet. Obviously that is what sold me on the house. It really helped to distract from the toilet that was falling through the dining room ceiling.

Kidding! Turn with me to the left and let’s check out the living room. Windows, a fireplace, moldings, mirrors…. Some will stay, some will go.


Make sure to look up so that you don’t miss the magnificent swirl. I was told by several people that the swirl is quality work.  I don’t doubt it but it isn’t exactly my style.

Another view, towards the front of the house.


See the pocket doors?! They are there. Don’t be blinded by the swirl. Appreciate it now. Soon it will be long gone. I don’t plan to do much to change this room. Probably new window treatments….

Let’s take a few steps back and turn 180 degrees. BAM! Paneling. IN EVERY ROOM.


There are several things I’d like to point out in the dining room. First, the arched opening and the cabinets that extend out into said opening. It’s okay! The back of the cabinet is paneled too. The best of both worlds. Plenty of storage AND an open concept. And if we look straight ahead, a centered door to a full bath off the dining room. Just like the swirl, soon to be gone, gone, gone. What I unfortunately didn’t photograph is the horrid section of ceiling in this room. There was obviously water damage which lead to a bad patch job. The toilet trap is exposed through the drywall. Nasty! There are also radiators (not in every room) but while the house sat empty, the copper pipes were stolen and I plan to put in central heat and air. I have radiator heat now in my apt. and love it but in my opinion, for the amount of space they take up in these already small rooms, the pros don’t out way the cons.

Need a shower? Let’s go through the door in the dining room to the bathroom.  This location makes eating breakfast and getting ready in the morning quick work.



And when you blow a fuse drying your hair, no worries, the panel is right there. Fast fix. (Note the marbled paneling.)

Onwards to the kitchen!


Cabinets over the window? Why not? As I mentioned before, you’ve got to maximize that storage space. I plan to do the same thing (maximize storage, not cover windows) in the new kitchen. (At least two layers of paneling in this room.)


Don’t be scared. I’m not. Not only is there a sink and a stove but also a dryer vent and washing machine hook up. The potential!!

Now back to the front door.


More swirl! I love the sidelights and transom over the door. Those will stay. The slated coverings will go.

Stay tuned for the upstairs and maybe even a trip down the stairs from the kitchen to the basement.


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