New Year, New Post

This post is dedicated to my sweet friend Lauren. Please don’t mail me a box of poop.  

This isn’t going to be one of those gushy, new year, new resolutions, or end of year recap, so much to be thankful for, posts.  I’ve tons to be thankful for and you’re reading about a lot of that right now. I also don’t really gush.

And because I’ve admittedly gotten a little behind…. and all you really want to see is how things have been progressing at the house. Let’s just say, some things faster than others.

We passed the insulation inspection a week or so before Christmas.  That was weird.  I had become used to seeing through the walls.



All the new walls and any of the walls that were opened up for wiring were insulated. Any little bit will help is what I’ve been told.




The drywall went up quickly. Then followed the plaster. And that was when things started to get real.



At first, I didn’t really think much about it, the house was a “construction” site after all.  Then it started to linger. I should have known better and stopped it way before demo ended but…hindsight.


One day, right after the drywall had gone up, I walked into the house, it was raining, the windows were down and the plasterers were SMOKING IN MY HOUSE. WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN! It smelled FOUL and it was beyond inconsiderate.  I was so upset. I pondered what to do then I texted Scott and told him that they had to stop smoking in my house. I kept being told “drywall guys are the worst” but these guys were nice and were doing a good job (minus the fact that they got plaster EVERYWHERE) but THEY WERE SMOKING IN MY HOUSE. Almost a deal breaker. Not kidding.

It made it much worse to me that Scott’s other guys (the ones in the matching shirts) had been so nice and respectful and then there were these guys. I even brought them Handsome Biscuit for lunch one day. Betrayal. Except, I also thought, they no longer have a sense of smell and have no idea how disgusting cigarette smoke is.


First lights on in the house! Stinky plasterers burning the 9 p.m. night oil.


I personally reiterated to them the next day how much it bothered me.

So it really sucked (there is no other way to put it) that when I went to show the house to my dear friend Logan and her mom, on the day after Christmas, I found out that the guys who were working, on the day after Christmas, had smoked in the house.  The cigarette ash was visible! It wasn’t just the smell, the profuse stank, in the bedroom that gave it away.  Such nice guys, working on the day after Christmas, BUT CIGARETTE SMOKE.  I was livid and texted Scott and asked for a meeting first thing Monday. All I could think was, “Everything [was] going so well!”

So in my rage, and with the help of Franklin and Dave, we tore down the busted back deck. Merry Christmas to ME!


FYI, this is how Franklin Frost comes to do demo now. What have your StudioBNA projects done to you? So Fancy!


He still tore the thing down in about an hour. Dave, the dogs and I helped too.


Scott and I met on Monday.  He apologized. He told me I was the “nicest pissed off lady.” Not sure that is a good thing, especially since he asked and double checked that I was legitimately pissed. I was. And I’m learning lessons all through out this process.


We got back on track and made our game plan.  Remove the nasty carpet, install the new baseboards, reinstall the trim, paint the entire house and refinish the floors. Totally doable. So far, after a week, the carpet is gone.


I’ve also done some paint prep and there has been a ton of back and forth about upgrading the gas meter which is unfortunately holding up the heat. And is also super boring. But I can’t paint until there is heat.  Yesterday, the walls were sweating. Definitely not good for paint adhesion. But good for blogging.  Even though I should be pulling nails and scraping paint right now, I’m giving my pitiful, crippled, hands a break :)


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


From the Frost Childrens


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