On using plastic wrap to decide wall placement.

As I posted about in one of my first entries, the hardest decision in this project (besides the master bath and the windows) was what to do with the bathroom off the dining room?? Remember my agony?! We thought this wall, door and full bath had been added. Turns out once I took the paneling down, that was not the case. It was an original wall. When the bathroom was added, that is still a mystery.




So I went back to the drawing board with Cayte from Robyn Thomas’ office and told her I wanted to keep this wall. We reconfigured the bathroom and made it long and narrow. Basically it was put between the dining room window and the kitchen door. BUUUT,  now it has completely changed. Sorry Cayte and Robyn!

I’ll admit it. This is definitely one of the things that slowed us down. So many decisions!


Since the wall was already so crumbly, Scott had his guys take it down.


But they knew, they had to put it back. With the space opened up, my brother recommended that I hang plastic to get an idea how the bathroom would really feel.  So one day, I went over there, fumbled around, and ended up with this:


It feels fine!

Since the wall was down, we decided to move it out a bit more from the back wall and gain a little more space for the half bath. Again, inches people. Major difference.  A lot of the originally planning was also based on the existing electrical panel.  But whyyyy? We are rewiring the house.  That should not have been the case and was definitely a lesson learned for me.  I had to press to have the panel moved but it is being relocated.  And with that change, we are now able to do this:


I know, I know, I know, the window isn’t centered.  But since a replacement window had been put in for the bathroom modification and I could tell that the original window size was closer to the other two in the dining room, I decided a compromise was in order. Because I closed up the window next to the kitchen door for more cabinet space, I had the guys moved the kitchen window frame to the “bathroom/living room” window.


Now the height of this window more closely matches the original height but will also allow me to put a piece of furniture or something under it. And once I swag some drapes, no one will be the wiser. Unless of course, they are avid readers :) You will learn all the house secrets.

The opening between the kitchen and the dining room and the official closing up of the original dining room door (not just taking the door knob off) are the only other major layout changes happening on the first floor. That’s enough right?


Goodbye opening.


Hello pretty new open concept first floor!

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