Photo DUMP


The guys worked in their socks to protect my pretty, new floors.



I’m really loving my closet doors. Thanks Country Boy!


There is a washer and a dryer behind those bifold doors!!!!!

The bathroom tile and the trim painting is in process now. That’ll be the next update.


Leveling out the second floor porch floor. I was concerned about loosing even an inch of ceiling height out there but the level floor makes a world of difference.


The Saab is getting a real work out these days. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship though. For about a week, the battery died everyday. It was the worst. I was lat(er) for work everyday and had to bum rides. Even had to get jumps at work! Thanks Melanie for the use of your fancy roadside assistance kit!


(The use of the reflective triangle was for laughs only.)

But the saab can hold four 80″ doors! It’s a great car.

Kidding! It is the worst. Don’t ever buy one. Once the house is finished and I’ve crammed it full of tenants like a boarding house, I’ll get a new car.  Sounds fun right? Email me if you’re interested in a room :) (I REALLY NEED A NEW CAR.)


I wasn’t able to find any great bifolds. So I went in the complete opposite direction.  One of the guys commented when he was helping unload them, “these are really plain.” Ha! Yes they are.


The real lights are in. No more hanging bare bulbs. I bought the cheapest, nice looking things I could find at Lowes. The lighting will be one of the several ongoing projects. That missing piece of trim has also been fixed. So much progress!


Is there a toilet behind that door?!


Yes there is! Tiny sink coming next.


Thanks again Country Boy! Alvin helped me out and I was able to get 8 “new” old doors that I think fit perfectly with the house. Should I keep the man on the back of the bathroom door?


The cabinets are being delivered and installed slowly. But we’ve got the makings of a real kitchen here.  Who would have thought.  No more cabinets across the windows. And not a dryer vent in sight.


Left over supplies waiting for the next project. Ready?

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