Putting it back together

Did I promise you framing in the last post?  I changed my mind.  I think I’ll go with a total open concept house.


What do you think? I seriously considered it for about 3 minutes. But then thought better. And just so you know, I never said it out loud.  That makes the crazy less real.

You can see where the guys laid out the walls. The “rectangle” on the right in the middle of the two bedrooms will be the laundry and the “area” on the left, with the window, will become the bathroom. “We” took down what I’ll call the back wall of the bathroom/closet area to gain a few inches. The bathroom wall will go about two inches into the back bedroom. We did this more to gain space for the electrical and plumbing upgrade. In this project, inches really matter. Since this house has/had plaster walls, the new fixtures don’t fit as well between the old lathe and plaster and the new drywall. Or so I was told… No one correct me.


See it? Below is the inspiration for the shower/vanity area. Above is the don’t fall through the ceiling/money pit version.

Since the bathroom is going to be small, I’m trying to keep it as open as possible. This glass/tile wall combo stuck out to me as a nice detail for my small bath. I sent Scott the picture and it didn’t take too much convincing.  But he did make me lean in the shower to determine the water turn on location. WHAA? That is an option? What do you mean, you don’t want me to have to lean in to turn on the water? This is like the closet, more than I’ve ever had in my life! But it was determined that I could have the glass panel and not have to step in, stretch, or bend to turn on the shower. LUXURY.

And this is a very obvious statement but it is nearly impossible not to go down the rabbit hole of beautiful bathrooms on the internet. How about this? What about that? Although I feel like some of them are the size of my entire second floor!

See it now? I told you they were moving fast.


No more hole in the floor!


The other bathroom has been framed too. There was only a slight snafu. I showed up a few nights ago and stood in the “toilet” and said to myself “this feels a little tight.” When I talked with Steve, one of Scott’s guys, he confirmed that the toilet wouldn’t fit there. ???? Did I not have drawings made? But since we’ve gotten this far without a serious error, I think we are doing all right. He had it fixed the next day and we kept rolling.


Remember there was a closet at the top of the landing. It is going to become the space for the vanity. An excellent bathroom for a roommate. Just sayin’ :) Email me.


The space behind the bathroom is the bedroom closet. I’m trying to fit in as much storage as possible without, you know, doing this:


Soon this will be the door to the closet. Should save the sad face?


Nope. This house isn’t going to allow poo-colored, sad faces anymore.

The third dumpster has arrived so all these little piles are slowly disappearing.  I hate that we’ve sent so much to the landfill but it was pretty nasty.  And there have been some dumpster divers getting what they could scavenge. And I’m not talking about me and my mom.


We’re getting there! I still feel behind but I’m catching up and at least there isn’t a toilet in the bedroom anymore.


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