The Centennial Gent receives passing grades.

We’ve passed the electrical, plumbing, hvac and framing inspections. Wooohoooo! Insulation inspection is tomorrow and then we’ll close this baby up.




The new electrical panel is going to take some creative covering. In this age of rising waters, I didn’t want to put anything in the basement that didn’t need to go down there. Especially the power. The new box is in the niche to the right of the fireplace and will more than likely disappear behind a very large, but light, painting. Or if I’m feeling super ambitious, a hinged, faux wall.

All the walls that were not taken down to the studs have an 18″ gap around the floor for the new wires.



The second floor porch is getting new outlets and a new ceiling light. It also has two new vents. No more baseboard heater!


Look at all this pretty new stuff! The basement and the third floor are quickly becoming my favorite spots. I really like the basement now that the new windows are in and there is so much light. It will be even better after a good vacuum.


It was surprising how well this chair seat kept out the light. What’s not surprising? How well it didn’t keep out the people that stole the plumbing and wiring before I bought the place.


But because it was all gone, there was zero pressure to put things back where they had been to keep costs down. Case in point, the new plumbing and wiring for the washer and dryer in the upstairs hall closet. Again, so much luxury in this hundred year old house.  It’s amazing (and daunting) what you can do when you start over again. (Please note, this picture predates the new windows and the reinstallation of the third floor.)



There’s a teeny bathtub and sconces and switches for the new hall bath.


And the duct work for the second and third floor has been boxed in and is awaiting a nice, thick cushion.

The guys have been working fast and doing a great job. No doubt due to their beverage of choice.


We are a match made in heaven. Now it is my turn to buy a case because I foresee a lot of final decisions coming my way fast!

Get me a Mountain Dew stat!

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