When will the dust end?

I’m the worst. I started this post almost A MONTH AGO! The title isn’t applicable anymore because the first coat of polyurethane was applied to the floors TODAY and there can’t be any dust for the poly(!!!!!).


There were a few dark, cold days in the beginning half of the month.

But then we got heat! Warm, dry, heat!


It was time to paint. I started strong. I taped the windows, put the first coat of primer on the second and third floor.


And one day the guys came and installed the outlets and switches and temporary lights! Huzzah!! So much progress.

Heat and light are game changers.




Do I have something on my face?

Then the plasterers had to come back to do some repairs and I couldn’t paint again right away. I knew they were going to have to come back. They warned me there was a chance that the plaster might bubble after the first coat of paint. The wallpaper that didn’t come off before the skim coat might decide it was ready to come off and mess up my paint job. It did.

So I primed all the baseboards, base cap and trim. Thanks Lee, Jackson and King for the three day weekend.



Trim everywhere.

The floor guys were going to start Friday or Monday depending on when the “new” flooring was ready. I certainly didn’t want to paint after my floors were done. So, I tried to power through and I put a second coat of primer on the top two floors. Then I hit a wall (no pun intended.) I was determined to get the house painted before going to NYC for Venice (and Andrew’s) engagement party. But after several late nights in a row, I knew the first floor wouldn’t get done before I left. It would take a few days for the repairs. And I could paint after work before Charlie and his team were ready to finish the floors. Justification. So that is what happened.

I went to NYC and had an amazing time with ALL MY FRIENDS! Everyone was there and it was amazing!

Lauren, Brandy and I “shopped” at the Winter Antique Show then ate burgers. Very UES.

Jamie’s Friday night, Kristy, Mike and Aartie surprise was magical. Truly. And in usual form, there are no pictures.

Venice's engagement party group shot








I museumed, ate and vined my heart out with Logan.

(What wasn’t amazing was the Cooper Hewitt. So sad and disappointing! The pen wasn’t even there. Museum outrage.)

Then Wednesday I stayed up until 2 a.m. painting. All in a days work. Totally worth it.


Because the floors look SO GOOD!!!




No more busted hall kitchen hump.






The angels in heaven are singing. Look at those floors!

And during lunch yesterday, I bought some doors from Country Boy on Granby St. Today the guys installed them.



I love my new closet doors. There were several pairs of these 10 lite, french doors from a beach house at the ocean front. I bought two and now need to go get a third. I went back and forth on using this as my closet door and had planned on this one being installed as the bathroom door. Tiny bit of miscommunication as both were installed in the closets today. Now I have no bathroom door. Back to Country Boy! Alvin, the owner is trying to find something for my bathroom downstairs too – 24″ door with lites only at the top. He said he’d check his warehouse. Fingers crossed.

Whew. What’s next?!

Kitchen cabinets, tile, sinks, appliances, lighting, painting….

Who needs to sleep :)

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