Where to begin?

With a picture of my bathroom vanity! It’s been too long and all you really want to see are pictures right?


Mirror and non-placeholder sconces coming soon.


I think I’ve finally pulled the last effing screw/nail/tack/pin out of the trim. But I probably just jinxed myself and will find at least one more. The previous owners loved to freakin’ tack things to the woodwork.

That being said, I’m almost done stripping all the trim and have put at least two coats of primer and one coat of ultra white semi-gloss on three-quarters of this house. I was recently told by my brother, “You’ll do this once and then you’ll pay someone to do it the next time.” TRUTH.


I did however make some fun ikat-esque patterns on the window trim while using the chemical stripper.

Then I took up my dad’s offer to borrow his heat gun. Glory days! I should have done that sooner. It is so much faster and less messy. Having used it to help with projects around the house when I was younger, I remember the burning paint smell and not liking the process. Well, my respirator and thick leather gloves to the rescue and I’m a heat gunning machine. Sayonara eight layers of paint.




These views are slightly different now that I’ve moved in to the house. It was very ant- climatic as I moved my furniture in on a Saturday and left for a conference in Atlanta on Sunday.

However, it was certainly not soon enough and I couldn’t wait to get out of the 30th St. apartment. (I am so thankful that it was an option and was extra glad not to have to move back in with Momma and Pappa Fro.) But yaaaahoo I’m in my own place!


Bad move on my part putting the plants in the far corner. It became a survival of the fittest situation over the winter. I don’t think I checked on them once.


Momma Fro so desperately wanted to wash everything as it came out of boxes and before putting it away. NO TIME! In the cabinets Woman! Just kidding. Not kidding. My parents have been more than helpful and I’m glad to have them close by to me. But seriously, just put it away, it can be washed when I use it. Am I right??

In Atlanta, one of the evening programs was at the Botanical Garden. So lovely! All I wanted to do was scout flowers for my yard.





Look familiar Norfolk folks? Their Bruce Munro light field was amazing. 30,000 bulbs.



Then I went to Athens and visited Franklin. He picked me up in Atlanta and we went to the restaurant, Grain, that his architecture firm built out. I was super annoying and took a bunch of photos in the restaurant. No cares given.


I’ll share pictures of their Habersham Mill site next time. It was amazing. Here is just a teaser.


I”m having a very hard time staying focused on the remaining inside projects. The weather has been beautiful and I want to be out in my yard getting that in order too.  Bushes grow on three sides on the property and they are tangled in the chain link fence (horrors!) It isn’t a good sight.

This was two months ago before these suckers started growing. Imagine an overgrown mess now.

But I found these!



We are making progress and a lot more progress was made over the holiday weekend. I promise it won’t be months before I show you the new front yard. But now, I’ve got the bestest house guests coming this weekend and I’ve still got boxes to unpack.

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